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Partial Harmony Great Contrast

I noticed this sign on a walk this morning, found it quite attractive and spent a few moments analyzing why. Came to several observations.

In part, the snow follows the lines of the wrought iron, creating a partial harmony. That is, where the snow lies along the lines of the iron it repeats, that is, harmonizes with the lines of the iron. This was an interesting and useful observation for me – that picking up, or repeating only part of something can create a very pleasant harmony, possibly even better in being partial. An observation that I will be able to use (actually, have been using without knowing it) and can now apply intentionally, in many settings and situations.

The snow also serves as foil for the iron and the iron for the snow – they create a sort of backdrop for one another. This is closely connected to my next observation that there is a pleasant contrast between the dark, hard iron and the white, soft snow. Altogether, this is a natural work of art.

My final observation, and this is one I have begun to be aware of on my walks and am excited about pursuing is that this also expresses natural forces at work. We don’t know what exactly we are seeing, but the snow laying as it does tells us about the fall of the snow, the direction and force of the wind, probably quite a lot of what was happening atmospherically which, though I don’t have the tools or vocabulary to read, can still sense. I expect there is a lot of this to be seen in nature generally, even in how things grow, develop, what we find growing or living in the same locale…Probably an endless discovery potential here.


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