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After about a year of inactivity this blog is back in operation, probably with a new slant, or at least I won’t be publishing anything more on landscape design as after 35 years of designing gardens across the country and abroad I quit. I got sick of designing for people with more money than taste. I might go into that in more detail another time.

So I reinvented myself. I took up pottery and I make ceramic fountains. Indoor fountains, outdoor fountains and, my big seller, cat fountains. Might seem like a come down to go from designing million dollar gardens at $1000/day plus expenses to making little ceramic fountains that sell in the $70 to $200 range out of an Etsy store – but I like it. People like my fountains. I make what may be the best cat fountain in the world and I am not ashamed of that.

My previous profession - A small portion of a million dollar landscape in Naples and my new profession - a cat fountain

Beauty and Art? The art of living. The art of recreating oneself. The art of surviving in economic hard times. Yea. There is a lot of room for the concept of art in ones day to day living and in the concept of adjusting, adapting, recreating and making things work. Living. Life. It isn’t stagnant. A river flowing to an end and you have to ask yourself, knowing that you are going to end, to die – what matters? What is important? The answers to those questions, not asked in the brain but lived, leads, I begin to think, to the high art of living truly.


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